Walmart s*cks

November 20, 2003 at 11:28 pm | Posted in Politics | 34 Comments

If this story doesn’t scare the living crap out of the average American worker, nothing will. The unfortunate fact is that with globalization and “free” trade, companies like Wal-Mart and many others will not hesitate for one second to ship American jobs overseas. In some respects, this company is scarier than my usual whipping boy.

Still, it’s ironic (at least for those of us who can remember decade-old issues) that it is Republicans that are trying to protect US jobs; unfortunately, they are beholden to a constituency that is dedicated to destroying/outsourcing/exporting these same jobs. I’m sure Democrats would do the same thing if they were in power, but it just seems to me that they would appear to be less hypocritical than the current Administration.


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  1. GOD or GREED ?

    Has man finally made the ultimate sacrifice

    and prepared himself to pay the ultimate

    price? Has man “outsourced” his principles,

    morals and beliefs as tangible commodities

    in a greed-filled society destined for doom?

    The tradeoffs, or concessions we blindly

    make or accept so unconsciously and ignor-

    antly in our daily lives is a “roaring silence.”

    Ignored and unaddressed, these “subtleties”

    are rapidly mounting as precursors of a self-

    inflicted 9/11 of astronomical proportion.

    I am perplexed when I look in my wallet

    and pull the change out of my pocket to

    find on every dime, nickel, penny, dollar

    bill….every coin and piece of currency, the

    words “IN GOD WE TRUST”: I am not sure

    if this is a disclaimer, a delusional aspirat-

    ion or a dysfunctional declaration…

    Has the “dollar” undergone a transformat-

    ion and manifested itself only to emerge as

    the “Almighty,” replacing “GOD” as the

    supreme object of worship?

    If that is the case, I can better understand

    why there is just not enough religion in our

    hearts today…Equally, I find it increasingly

    difficult to fault those who lobby to have this

    inscription removed from our over-inflated


    It seems religion, and its all-encompassing

    subsidiaries as compassion, decency, love and

    respect have filed “Chapter 11”, only to be ab-

    sorbed by corporations as a mutation of the

    Papacy (I’m not even Catholic!): All-powerful

    and all-controlling are the Disciples of Greed,

    or the “College of the Cardinals:” the CEOs.

    The congregation is comprised of the ignorant,

    selfish souls who are oblivious and insensitive

    to those they pompously place “lower on the

    food chain.” They, too, have “downsized” in

    their frugal attempt to retain their status: They

    compromise their self-respect, honor and dig-

    nity as being excessive operating costs, a

    detriment to survival in a competitive market.

    This leaves us with the “purveyors of proph-

    ecy:” These are the “realists” with the hind-

    sight, foresight, the perception to read the “tea

    leaves of trouble”. As “Champions of Humanity”

    and “Crusaders of Equality and Justice”, they

    are labeled as “anarchists” and “rebels”: These

    are the protesters, petitioners and picketers

    whose outcries fall on deaf ears. Their warnings

    are considered a nuisance and an unjustified

    inconvenience by ignorant, misinformed and

    misled “sheep” of the “congregation.”

    Ignorance is, indeed…”bliss”….nothing more:

    It is neither a substitute for knowledge nor an

    excuse to heckle or spurn those who stand up

    to protect not only their rights, but to preserve

    and secure those same rights of the very ones

    who shun and disrespect them…

    As a UFCW Retail Clerk, even as bitter as I am

    after being dishonored and disrespected for over

    FOUR LONG MONTHS of my life, I still have my

    dignity and compassion for my fellow man: This


    have enough PRIDE to swallow a little and say:

    “Blessed are the ignorant, for they know not

    what they do….I pray for their souls when God

    drops the other shoe.”


  2. HEY, ALEX!

    Thanks for turning me on to that “Fact-esque”

    site!…..Interesting spot to “vent”….


  3. Here a followup on Fact-esque linking Walmart, globalization, and the SoCal supermarket strike. This kind of information is important not just to the striking workers, but to everyone who works for someone else. This election is very important for union workers, because the Bush economic policies being implemented now must be stopped ASAP or else we’re all in trouble. [If someone can summarize the contents of the NY Times article mentioned in the above link, I’d appreciate it. I don’t like being forced to register just to read the NY Times.] I thought it was rather interesting to hear some Republican on talk radio saying that everyone should be self-employed and own his or her own business. My reponse was if that were the case, who would we hire? Who would do the things we have to do as a society – like build airplanes, provide and maintain infrastructure, or go to Mars? There will always be CEOs and there will always be busboys; let’s make sure we can all take care of ourselves and our loved ones. Happy VDay.

  4. If you are a practicing believer or just plain

    spiritual, now would be the time to pray: For the

    non-believers, I hope they find their way……

    With the resumption of talks in the So. Cal. Labor

    Dispute, a breakdown of any kind at this point may

    well prove to be the proverbial “last straw”:

    With the pressure (public,political,clerical) to

    bring a fair and reasonable resolve to this “gone

    far beyond the issues” mockery of the backbone of

    America in the quintessential working class, the

    patience has been exhausted and begun to reincarn

    ate itself in a bitter manifestation of inevitible

    rebellious retaliation that will surely ensue…

    “Civil Disobedience” would be a severe understate-

    ment of the forseeable birth of a modern American

    Revolution of unknown proportion against big

    business in a crusade to reclaim what we have

    left of our country and its people….

    We MUST NOT allow ourselves to be bought and

    sold, or “parted-out” to foreign lands in favor of

    greed over human need….

    We MUST make it perfectly CLEAR to these forces

    of evil that, order to do business on our soil

    they will NOT do so at the expense of OUR labor

    and OUR factories that WE built to gain them the

    status THEY enjoy!….


    YOURSELF!!…Obviously, you have a PC, else you

    wouldn’t be here…Go to “BANKRUPTCIES” on the

    internet and take a long look at the current

    trend indicative of American “icons” that have

    fallen…one by one in the past few years…

    Montgomery Ward,Singer,Smith Crona,Drug Emporium,

    Kmart,Spiegel,KB Toys…to name but a few….

    And,…If you care to look at the wholesale “sell

    out” of America at its worst,…What bigger a slap

    in the face can you get than to pick up the paper

    and read that L E V I – S T R A U S S ,…in order

    to supply Wal*Mart with their DEMAND for sub-

    standard clothing at a HUGE profit,..this spring,

    will be completely based in CHINA!!…Isn’t that

    a comfort???……LEVIS FROM CHINA!!





    *1) Don’t EVER cross a picket line of ANY kind!

    *2) Respect those who are making a statement and

    consider the STRONG possibility that they may

    be standing up for YOU AS WELL!

    *3) Be vigilent of what you buy! …Check the tag

    or label: If it is not Made in America,’s

    POISON…To purchase foreign goods is to drive

    another nail in your own coffin!!

    *4) Boycott ANY business who promotes unfair and

    substandard labor practices (such as Wal*Mart)

    *5) Pray for a respectible end to this grocery

    dispute….If it is US that falls TODAY,..It



  5. Alex:

    Here’s one I wrote to the Daily Breeze today:

    With the abounding technology we have at our fingertips and wealth of

    knowledge available, how can a people be so ignorant, uneducated,..

    so misinformed and misled?…How can they be so oblivious to the world

    that seemingly revolves around THEM?

    Safely tucked away and protected in their “NOW”, they go on about their

    selfish and self-centered daily lives in a haphazard and pompously arrogant

    disregard or denial of their future or the legacy they will leave (or stand to

    lose in their wake).

    What,..EXACTLY will it take to make people see what lies on the horizon

    for them at the current trend of today?….An American self-inflicted “911”?

    Perhaps if the warning signs were clad with flashing lights, bells, whistles

    and sirens they may take notice?…Don’t hold your breath…When you are in

    such a state of euphoric bliss you are immune to the strife and struggle of

    those outside your “comfort zone”…You block out the negativity,..even mock

    it and contribute to it with tenacity, completely unconscious of the long-

    term-being-shortened repercussions that await you as a result in the end…

    W H Y ?….Because it doesn’t DIRECTLY affect YOU…Because YOU are

    offended when you are told YOU are wrong…Because YOU have what others

    are fighting for and YOU “paid YOUR way” and feel that,..regardless of the

    underlying facts (of which you know little or nothing),..their crusade is un-

    based…Because YOU don’t like being inconvenienced by being asked to, not

    so much support,..but respect the feelings of another….Because YOU don’t

    want to be bothered or are in a hurry…Because this is where YOU always

    do your business and YOU won’t go anywhere else….or because YOU just

    don’t care….

    What lies behind the WHY?…Sit down at the table for your big slice of

    Humble Pie..Oh, might want to put on a bib,..because it’s rather messy.

    YOU are self-centered,..self-righteous,…selfish,…inconsiderate,…rude,…


    and have the foresight of a rock.

    It is all about YOU,..isn’t it? …If you cross a picket line in front of a grocery

    store,…or any picket line, for that matter, might as well complete the

    picture by heading over to Wal*Mart!..Save yourself the pain and suffering

    and just give them your wallet: While you are there, trade your stocks in for

    food stamps,..your house for a tent,…your car for a shopping cart (It will come

    in handy for collecting bottles and cans)…since this is where you will end up

    anyway…Don’t thank me now…There will be plenty of time for that when YOU

    are standing in that long welfare line behind ME.

    If people don’t wake up to what is happening around them NOW,..with the

    direction these mega-corporations are taking with their overrunning of business

    in America,..closing of factories and moving overseas to set up house, exploit-

    ing labor far and wide in a greed-infested battle for the brass ring on the

    corporate merry-go-round at the expense of American jobs, the economy and

    social failure world-wide,..they will never see a “911” the likes of which I

    don’t care to even surmise coming until it slaps them right in the face…

    TOO LATE!!

    Unless we stand up to big business and serve notice that we will not stand for

    the feeding frenzy on small enterprise and the shredding of the American

    dream: Unless we spare the backbone of our land the indignity of accepting

    a substandard lifestyle in favor of a mestasizing cancer of greed running amok

    and slapping the faces of the very ones who made the corporations as powerful

    as they are: Unless we tell these forces of evil that, “If you are going to swallow

    up everything in your path,..then close factories (costing domestic jobs) to move

    to a foreign country and exploit an already poverty stricken people to produce

    your goods,..then take your stores and everything else with you and get the

    hell out of our country!!….Because we are taking it back!!

    I call on and challenge every American to save your future…Boycott these

    businesses that are raping YOU of everything you have!!

    Take notice every time you see a picket line, matter where it is!! As hard

    as it may be for you to understand,..these people are fighting,..not for them-

    selves,..but for YOU and YOUR children, so that THEY may have a future.

    If you truly can say that you do not believe in their cause and cannot whole-

    heartedly support them,…at least show some respect by not crossing..Who

    knows, may sleep better tonight knowing that someone is standing up

    for YOU?

    Dwight Metzler

    [Address deleted]

  6. Mike:

    I don’t personally know anyone who works at Walmart, but your experiences are very similar to what a family member has gone through at another retailer – JC Penney. Late last year, they raised the minimum weekly hours required to get benefits (including a health plan) from 30 to 35. The part-time staff ended up working more while those who worked more than 35 hours per week worked less. Where did the benefits go? Probably to buy some CEOs yacht.

  7. i also have worked for a walmart store. and my mother has as well it is true the horror stories you hear about walmart. they do encourage you to apply for aid (welfare). i worked overnight stocking they would lock the doors and you could not get out even though you had an hour for lunch you would have no choice but to bring a lunch, the supervisor would open up a register and basically you were forced to having to buy food there like crackers vienna sasages chips etc…no hot meals unless a microwave soup. they would aslo have the air conditioning off during the graveyard shift and it was hot as hell. i had a coworker friend who asked to be shifted to stockinga different area one night due to they had him working with another worker whom he had a conflict with. the supervisor said you will work were i tell you to, i offered to let him work my area and i would switch to help the isue ..the supervisor said no told him to clock out and go home..i told this supervisor he cant go home cause he rides to work with me. supervisor told me well then he can wait in the parking lot and there was 7 hours left in the shift…i quit that night on principle nothing i had done just caus i had enough of the way they treat people.

  8. Here’s some more fresh fodder:

    Mon, Feb 02,2004

    On Monday, a civil rights suit filed against Wal-

    Mart by illegal immigrants was EXPANDED to accuse

    them of locking janitors in stores during shifts.

    This was as a result of an INS nationwide sweep on

    October 23 of last year ending in the arrest of

    hundreds of janitors on immigration charges…

    The updated suit approaches the criteria for a

    class-action case, it may involve hundreds,…

    possibly thousands of immigrants, with the list

    extended from 11 Mexicans to include an additional

    6 Eastern Europeans: Workers were allegedly forc-

    ed to work 7-DAY, 70-HOUR WORKWEEKS FOR $1,500

    PER MONTH (This figures to a FLAT $5.35 an hour.)…

    From INVESTOR’S BUSINESS DAILY-January 30, 2004:

    “..Wal-Mart’s pricing power is a double-edged

    sword. Smaller discount chains such a Caldor and

    Ames couldn’t compete, and have gone out of bus-

    iness,..”..WAL-MART was a KEY FACTOR in K-MART’S




    4,844 STORES (NEARLY 3,500 IN U.S.)


    OF $253.5 B I L L I O N.








    According to Frank Badillo of Retail Forward,

    Inc., the #2 discounter Target set up a sourc-

    ing center last September in Shenzhen, China:

    * Target’s director of sourcing services’

    Chris Hubert, told CHINA DAILY that the re-

    tailer expects to DOUBLE its procurement from

    China this year over last….

    > Badillo also noted that last month, an icon of

    American durability and integrity, Levi

    Strauss, closed its remaining two U.S. sewing

    plants: This spring, it will shut down its

    three plants in Canada, completing a shift to

    total production in China and other countries

    with cheaper labor.

    This is a truly sad trend that these corporations

    are undertaking…W H A T ….IF ANY,..IS THE

    ULTIMATE GOAL of such a senseless and self-

    destructive mindset??….Take it ALL??…Take it

    NOW??..Get it WHILE YOU CAN??…What happens

    when nothing is left?…What about their


    What kind of legacy will they afford themselves?

    Considering their mindless insanity, the final

    cut will most likely occur when they eat their

    young….IT’S COST-EFFECTIVE !!

  9. Good poem. If you got more of these, you should be publishing :-). Someone once told me that “a society that has forgotten its poets and prophets will be forgotten itself”.

    Here’s a Flash cartoon from

    Check out the logo on the shopping cart.

  10. Very good, Alex!….

    It’s pretty scary,..isn’t it?..The only fitting

    reply I can come up with to that is a poem I

    wrote but a few days ago..I named it after a tune

    by my all-time favorite group, Pink Floyd:


    They swaddle themselves in their blanket of greed

    Amidst a world with so many mouths to feed

    The river runs deep of childrens’ tears cried

    Has money replaced a man’s honor and pride

    In a garden so green and bursting with rife

    What creature would plant such an evil seed

    To shadow the beauty and choke out the life

    By helping it grow to such an ungodly weed

    Has man taken leave of his God-given senses

    And erected his cute little white picket fences

    Around his small world built towering walls

    To obscure his mind from the pain of it all

    You turn your back on your brother in need

    And hope that he will quickly fade away

    So comfortably numb in the life that you lead

    In ignorance each dawn brings a different day

    The simple pleas of those you now spurn

    May be your own bridge of tomorrow you burn




    Manna for the mind:


  11. Let’s see the Walmart shills answer this one:

    A senior Chinese offical drew silence at a dinner last week when he asked Americans at the conference how their country planned to finance its economy when both blue-collar manufacturing and white-collar service jobs were leaving the country.

    What we have here is that China, the country getting most of our jobs and financing our debt is actually asking the questions that American CEOs are to embarassed or ignorant to answer. This is truly amazing — the country we consider a future competitor and threat is actually concerned about the Walmartization of America more so than the actual CEOs running this country.

  12. > By Wal*Mart’s own estimate, about 44% of its

    > 1.4 MILLION employees will have left in 2003,

    > which means 616,000 warm bodies must be hired

    > just to keep even…

    The rapid turnover makes it hard to unionize, and also Walmart probably hires people who are less likely to be unionized:

    immigrants or less-educated

    little or no previous job experience

    not the major breadwinner (can accept a lower wage)

    those who want part-time jobs

    > Since 1992, Wal*Mart has forced nearly 13,000

    > supermarkets to close, costing Union jobs..

    Keep an eye on the Walmart supercenters (the ones with built-in supermarkets). Thank goodness there aren’t too many in California. I think the ongoing strike may actually hurt Walmart and everyone else, since customers may not return to traditional supermarkets. I’m shopping at Staters’ from now on, and Trader Joe’s for the more expensive stuff.

    For the record, I’m not a union member (being a white-collar kind of guy), but I do believe that unions are needed to keep the middle class healthy. I’m afraid that what we’re seeing now is the decrease in the middle class. Some become a bit richer, but most end up moving down the social ladder.

  13. Associate #001:

    First of all,..(ALEX,.I hope you don’t mind my

    input on this) my ally, Alex, who started this

    site, has some good words of advice. I only hope

    to complement and offer some supportive facts

    and opinions,..possibly some direction to any

    Wal*Mart employee out there…

    Associate #001:

    Let me first give you some FACTS about your

    employer (these are verbatum truths):

    – In 2001, the avg. Wal*Mart sales clerk pulled

    down (full time) $13,681 a year: At the time,

    the federal poverty line for a family of three

    was $14,630..

    – In 1999, the annual turnover rate was an in-

    credible 70%: It has improved in the last two

    years to a still unacceptable 45%!..

    – There are currently 40+ lawsuits pending against


    – (This is comical)Wal*Mart was the ONLY ONE of

    the top 10 drug chains to refuse to stock

    Preven (a contraceptive) in 1999: The need to

    breed more slave labor?…haha

    – By Wal*Mart’s own estimate, about 44% of its

    1.4 MILLION employees will have left in 2003,

    which means 616,000 warm bodies must be hired

    just to keep even…

    – From 2004-2008, your employer plans to hire

    an additional 800,000!..

    – Since 1992, Wal*Mart has forced nearly 13,000

    supermarkets to close, costing Union jobs..

    PRETTY SCARY,..ISN’T IT?…That’s just the tip

    of the iceberg!!

    P L E A S E !! Take the advice I gave the others

    earlier on: Arm yourself to document ANYTHING

    that indicates unbecoming behavior: Also, any

    time you are approached by management, try and

    have a trusted coworker within earshot as a wit-

    ness to whatever transpires…By the way,…I am

    very curious about what was said when you were

    called into the office…Care to elaborate furth-




    ..With, by now,..over 1 1/2 MILLION employees,

    there is NO REASON why you cannot make a stand!!


    – Unite your coworkers to stage a concerted time

    to flood the emergency rooms of your local

    hospital with the slightest complaint (Don’t

    worry about blocking actual emergency care for

    a truly needy patient..they have their criteria

    for treatment)..This should gain support of your

    local legislators…DEFINITELY THE UNION!

    – CONTACT your nearest UFCW UNION Local to give

    you direction and support: They will be more

    than happy to talk to you!

    – Write your Congressman, Representative, anyone

    of authority or influence..

    – Circulate petitions through your area to gain






  14. alex,

    Nothing changes.. this is walmart. I applauded yesterday when one employee quit in the middle of her shift and announced she wasn’t going to be a walmart A@# kisser. you want to strike fear in to the heart of corperate walmart.. mention union. we were thinking of it despite the cut in pay we would get pitiful as it is now. they freaked.. as it is a tire and tube unionized down toward florida. our manager at the time we announced we wanted to unionize flipped his wig and called us all in the office. They also like to single associates out and harrass them.. me for example. Im a big guy and they dont make a vest to fit me .. ive faught for a week to keep from getting worte up. ive been called lazy ..had managers making dirogitory statements about me to other associates.. coached for no reason .. welcome to walmart folks .. your place for all that factory refirbished merchandize..

  15. Alex,

    You are a good man,..and level-headed, too!…

    Corporate Wal*Merica has a dreaded fear of

    “festering ass pimples” like you and me…lol..

    I know this saddens you deeply (hahaha)…

    I want you to know that I have invited my Union

    Local President as well as many on the front

    lines to visit your site…The influx of views

    and ideas helps to provide some substance for

    armament in a global crusade against these

    dyslexic “Robin Hoods”..The people that made them

    can,..and will break them….IF THEY ACT !!

    ALL signs indicate that a huge revolution is on

    the horizon….A modern day Boston Tea Party


    At any rate, friend,..I must tell you that

    I appreciate your critique and wisdom, in that

    it helps me to sharpen my skills and focus my

    sights on our cause…

    I also wish to thank you on behalf of all my

    brothers and sisters of,..not only the Retail

    Clerks,..but of ANY Union affiliate for your

    support….Kudos to you as a TRUE AMERICAN!!

    And you are correct!…There are many alternatives

    available for people to patronize…What is sad is

    the fact that 95% of these are MINUTES away!..Some

    shoppers get really bent when you offer these al-

    ternatives to them..It’s like a major inconven-

    ience has been forced upon them..

    We are ALL tired of this mockery of our working

    class! The duration in itself speaks volumes of

    the REAL intent of these Corporate AntiChrists in

    the person of Steve Burd and H. Lee Scott..

    The people have got to be educated about the

    “Big Bad Wolf”, well as the “Boy Who Cried

    WOLF”…The only positive spin to this scenario

    is that the sheep can only be as lost as their


    What part of So. Cal. are you located in, Alex?

    I’d like to get together with you for a beer

    sometime to discuss some ideas,..if you are within


    Thanks again!


  16. Dwight:

    You do have a point about the difference between intelligence and the application thereof. The compliment “s/he’s got potential” is an insult to those who know at lot but can’t or won’t use that knowledge for good.

    The problem is indeed one of greed. In America, money has replaced other values like community, shared responsibility, and good citizenship. More importantly, we have allowed money to become an acceptable substitute for intangible values; whether it is loyalty, love, or lives, we have assigned dollar values, if not directly, then at least in our minds. We see that the kinds of short-term thinking of some lawyers and MBAs and CEOs have changed our country in the last 50-60 years.

    Once we have lost that connection to each other and put a price on our values, it’s no wonder that we are then easily compromised by lower prices or higher salaries. You are right – we should carefully consider whatever “big deal” we are getting, because the price may be too high in the end.

    Walmart is a reflection of that transformation. I remember when Walmart was much smaller that it often advertised that it sells American-made products to support American workers. Today, I doubt most of the products they sell are made here anymore.

    As a southern California resident, I have not broken any picket lines. There are plenty of alternatives, and we need a better reason to cross the line other than having to drive an extra five minutes. Good luck.

  17. I wouldn’t be so sure on that, Alex…

    As opposed to yesteryear when school subjects such

    as math entailed a stringent “thought” process,

    the advent of technology has seemingly compromis-

    ed the otherwise normal “reasoning” process for

    many as an apparent “trade-off”…lol…

    The adage “ignorance is bliss” in today’s world

    may be best completed by “but merely an excuse”,

    only to counter with,..”and excuses are like ass-

    holes…..everyone has one”….

    Not to discount the intelligence of people as a

    whole,..but one must admit that we have in a sense

    nonchalantly relinquished many of our faculties

    to that of the tireless computer…

    This is clearly evidenced by my current and now

    infamously historical strife:

    I am a 30-year veteran in the grocery industry

    who has been locked out of my employ for 108 days

    in the endless Southern California Labor Dispute.

    It is both amazing and horrifying that there

    could possibly exist so many seemingly intelligent

    people in the world that could be so ignorant,

    self-centered, self-righteous and uninformed…

    to be blunt…S T U P I D (by choice), uncaring,

    ungrateful and inconsiderate…Not to mention dis-

    respectful and shameful!

    To flagrantly cross a picket line to support a

    greed-infested cause that will bring them nothing

    short of a self-inflicted carnage…Not necessarily OUR picket lines…ANY picket line!!

    These people are oblivious to what the organized

    labor structure means to America, well as what

    it has done..FOR THEM!…A forty-hour workweek,..

    an 8-hour workday,…vacations,..sick leave,..

    holidays,…safe working conditions,..a fair wage,

    …benefits,..freedom from harassment,..discrim-

    ination,..job security…the list goes on and on..

    They take all these for granted, though they

    were a “God-given right”…AUTOMATIC…N O !!

    These were all brought about by the tireless ef-

    forts and extreme compromise of our forefathers

    in their crusade to provide a future for their

    legacy…ANY “legislation” brought about was as a

    direct result of these efforts that were paid for


    So,.. EVERY time ANYONE crosses a picket line,

    they are driving a nail into their own coffin and

    twisting the knife in the back of America!

    In effect, they are making a statement that they

    are comfortably numb…unconscious and unconcern-

    ed about anyone else,..because they are comfortab-

    ly “protected”….OR ARE THEY ??

    It’s all about GREED!…

    So,..Alex, far as the intelligence,’s

    there…The problem lies in the application…

    And not at the expense of your own morals, ethics,

    compassion and common sense….


  18. Well, you gotta admit one thing about today’s corporations (especially ugly American ones like Walmart and Microsoft) – the first thing they do when they are on the receiving end of bad news is not to promise to address the problems or to take immediate action to fix them but to launch a PR campaign to put a positive spin and try to fool the public.

    The legal advice of not admitting guilt, while good for individuals, doesn’t work for companies. It makes them look like incorrigible weasels. I believe that the American public is smarter than that.

  19. Alex,Amanda,Claudia,Steve,..anyone else out there

    that works for Wal*Mart: I truly feel for you.

    You are the focal point of salvation for the

    working class RIGHT NOW!

    I am a “displaced” Retail Clerk in So. Calif.

    who has been locked-out of my job for over 3 long

    months now…Currently the longest retail dispute

    in U.S. history…The AFL-CIO, along with its

    affiliates such as UFCW and TEAMSTERS are trying

    tirelessly to save you…NO,..this is no bible-

    thumping mission we are on…It’s a fight to the

    death for our socio-economic system…The exploi-

    tation of you people and the abuse is beyond

    absurd: It’s inhumane and a mockery of your

    Constitutional and God-given rights!!


    cannot take away your right to organize!! That

    is our objective!!…But, have to help us

    in this battle!….Arm yourselves with cameras,

    recording devices,pen and notepad when you are

    at work: Document EVERYTHING …NO MATTER HOW

    TRIVIAL it may seem:..Watch and listen!..Note

    and report any violations to the proper authorities (NOT WALMART)…and make a call to

    the local Retail Clerks Union office to ask them

    how you can help to organize yourselves to

    protect your jobs and give you a decent living.

    E-mail me if you wish:….

    I will be happy to help you in any way I can.

    AS FOR YOU,..ROBERT,…I don’t know what slop

    you’ve been fed,..but your misinformed mindset

    seems to have left you a couple of bricks shy of

    a wall: You may consider returning to school

    (at least junior high) to learn how to spell and

    form complete,..sensible sentences..And if you

    are any indication of the leadership quality of

    this country,..we are all in deep shit!! I’d

    feel more secure on that fantasy planet you came

    from! FIGHT ON YOU GUYS!!

  20. Right on Dwight!! I’ve been working at wm about 2 months now and the shit I have seen is unbelievable. I told my mother (within a month of working there) that wm is the Beast System store of the future. Little bits here and there convience me I am right. Some may not agree, but where else have you worked where if you leave a freezer door open, home office in Bentonville, Ark will call you 600 miles away and tell you the door is open, or that there is no thermostat in the building….the temp is contolled from Arkansas. Have you seen the little hands on the circles on each checkout? These little hands have a star between the thumb and forefinger….this is where the chip will be placed in each person who can “buy and sell” during the New World Order. My best friend was continually sexually harrassed for a week and it was even caught on tape, but “wm” wants her to sign a waiver that she will NOT file s.h. charges against them. She refused so now she is unloading pallets of chemicals by herself and these chemicals have 6 bottles of liquid each in box that weigh 9lbs a bottle. Thats 54lbs a box that they want her to lift off a pallet and put on a shelf and sometimes there are 20 boxes to unload. This girl is not even 5 feet tall!! That’s shitty if you ask me. If you dont fit in the ‘click’ they will get rid of you. There is alot more but there isnt enough room to write it all here, but believe me wm is slave labor in disguise. Have you read the article in the papers recently where wm is getting sued for not letting employees take their LAWFUL breaks. It isnt just in NY. There is a sign at the time clock that says its the law that we MUST have timely breaks every two hours. My first break was after three hrs, and my 30 minute lunch was after 6 hrs so that left 1 1/2 hrs til clock out time and I was told that I just had a lunch break and it wasnt long til clock out time. So I didnt get a second break. I’m not the only one either. The honest employees that WANT to do a good job cant make it. The lazy, two-faced, backstabbing dickheads climb the corporate ladder quickly. I was sitting at the break table today listening to the talk about some of this and it all reminded me that each of us are just robots with skin pulled over us. Do this, do that, dont talk back, dont complain and if you have a problem…TOUGH!! Figure it out yourself, you are nothing to us but a workhorse!! And if you aren’t in the ‘click’, they will fire you before they let you transfer to another department. Yea, wm sucks alright!!

  21. Interesting to hear from an actual WalMart employee. I hope things turn out better because of the bad publicity in recent months. I know of two other things that have made the news in the past two days:

    WalMart actually encourages its employees to apply for public assistance. For those who support WalMart and don’t understand what that is, that’s called welfare.

    WalMart has recently been accused of locking in its graveyard shift employees with no way out of the building. Thank God a store didn’t burn down to show what a stupid idea that was. Do you think WalMart is too cheap to hire security guards to protect their stores? This is what their managment will say – “Hey, it’s better than being locked out.

  22. ladies and gentleman I work for store 2424 in Ticonderoga,NY. what a delapitated mess that store is. the front doors dont work, the roof leaks constantly, the floors are filthy, the rats have conquered pets.. ive seen them myself. the bathrooms are delapitated and pieced together. the other day an assistant manager calls me yelling cause im not wearing my vest. If he’s got the time to worry whether or not im wearign a vest whats that tell ya and in fact i counted at least ten associates not wearing vests including dept. managers. The store cut all our hours and doesnt care about its workers.. we actually get scolded if we dont make more than we did last year day to day. Store 2424 is like a prison camp most days .. Im confined to my Deptment all the the time and certain managers dont like me so they are trying to find reasons to fire me.. Yes i know your plan Al.. pathetic thing is Id make more on unemployment week to week than i would working there. thanks for killing our town Sam Walton and Walton family.

  23. > Don’t you all get it. This is capitalism not

    > communism. We have the privlage of all of this.

    > you only suffer is your pussy ass brain

    If denial of reasonable health care, violation of child labor laws, use of foreign prisoners for cheap labor, and the use of illegal workers is capitalism, then hell yes, I’m a socialist.

    Even Wal-Mart’s own internal lawyers think something is wrong:

    Oh, I forgot that in this administration, corruption is reserved only for the rich. The poor continue to lose jobs and be harassed by the authorities. Robert, you can go on living the Republican lie; in the end, everyone will pay dearly for your beliefs.

  24. What a bunch of losers ALL of you are. This is America remember – land of the free, home of the brave. The Walton family is more than welcome to do as they please here. If the “cattle” are stupid enough to shop there so be it. I don’t see you bitching about the “overpaid” NFL players. This is what free enterprise is all about. They have a good system and you don’t. Tooooooo bad. Quit your crying and go back to your sorry ass existance. McDonalds has “tricked” us into enjoying their poor excuse for a burger too and you see all the socialists lining up for a piece of them too. their marketing is to good. Duh! no the population is to stooooooopid!!!!! Don’t you all get it. This is capitalism not communism. We have the privlage of all of this. you only suffer is your pussy ass brain let’s you……………………………………………………………………………………..

  25. > you must work for target. not doing too good, huh?

    Read ’em and weep:

    Nice try, but no cigar. I’ve made some money shorting WMT.

  26. you must work for target. not doing too good, huh?

  27. Rob,

    I guess you must be one of those “reality TV watching retard average america’s” as you cannot even puctuate accurately. Down with idiots!

  28. Walmart sucks. It is evil. I would blow up as many facilities of theirs of possibles if I had the chance. They drive mom and pop stores out of business, while the reality TV watching retard average america goes their and helps them take over the world. They MUST be stopped. DOWN WITH WALMART!

  29. It’s unforunate that corporate abuse has to get this bad before people and politicians begin to notice. I hope that this issue of “Walmartization” that is lowering the living and health standards of hundreds of thousands of workers and their families becomes a key election issue. The good news is that both Republicans and Democrats are looking at Walmart’s behavior with alarm, from their lousy health benefits to possible illegal activites with regards to workers’ rights. It’s rare that both political parties are on the same side, but I’m hopeful something can be done to stop Walmarts’ policies.

  30. Want a good laugh?….Go to WAL*MART’s web site

    and pull up a job application:.. Read it CARE-

    FULLY…ESPECIALLY that last LONG sentence before

    you initial it….PATHETIC!!

  31. It is clear to see that WAL*MART is nothing less

    than a rapidly mestasizing socio-economic cancer

    that MUST be placed in remission: This IS a free

    country,..and they DO have a right to operate a

    profitable enterprise..but NOT at the expense of

    the American dollar, the American work force, the

    exploitation of poverty-stricken laborers..both

    here and abroad!…It’s all about GREED:..The more

    they get,..the more they want,..until there is no

    MORE!..ALL of the major corporations are posturing

    themselves with this “WAL*MART mind-set”…TAKE OR

    BE TAKEN!!

    The work force CANNOT address this ALONE: …the

    corporate community CANNOT address this ALONE; It

    MUST be a COMBINED effort to secure the survival

    of the quintessential “Middle Class”…the back-

    bone of America…

    We need to cut off the head of the snake:…TAX

    the shit out of their imported goods!..Assess

    tariffs on them to the extent that they would cost

    the same or more than goods produced by American

    labor. That would take care of several issues..

    Otherwise, on your laurels and wait for the

    inevitible “NEW WORLD ORDER”…”WAL*MERICA” Land

    of the RICH and home of the migrant peon!

  32. No prob. Anyone who hates Wal-Mart is a friend of mine.

  33. Thanks for the link, and for being the first stranger to comment!

  34. May I insert a plug for a site that a friend refered me to?

    It seems pretty new, but I dig the grafix

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