CA Drivers’ licenses

November 13, 2003 at 8:41 pm | Posted in Politics | Leave a comment

I was ambivalent about the issue of California giving drivers licenses to illegal aliens. I thought it was an attempt by outgoing Governor Davis to get votes, and an attempt by insurance companies to drum up more business.

This Washington Post article, however, shows that alien identification cards issued by Latin American countries are already accepted as legal identification by banks, businesses, and even local police departments. At the federal level, they are a legal and accepted means to get aboard aircraft.

Therefore, the recurring hypocrisy of the conservative anti-immigrant position is again made clear – illegal aliens are both welcome and reviled in this country. Welcomed for their ability to take on undesirable jobs, keep wages low, and send tax dollars to state coffers; not wanted because of the risks to national security, a burden to social and health services, and unwillingness to become part of the larger society (the last point being understandable given the anti-immigrant feeling stirred by certain California Republicans like Pete Wilson).

After all that, I’m still ambivalent about the entire issue, but I do want to bring out the point that illegal aliens will always be here because of our hypocrisy. One more thing – guess what our current President (Bush II) thinks of these things. Go ahead, read the article.

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