Shoddy journalism

November 11, 2003 at 8:38 pm | Posted in Rants | Leave a comment

A rambling article from the University of Virginia about their sharing a US News number-one ranking with UC Berkeley. She puts out lots of points why UVa is better than Cal (my alma mater, FYI). Now I can see why Cal journalism students are still better than those produced by some East Coast schools.

One should realize that it’s not short term magazine article rankings that determine the greatness of a college, but the consistent performance and innovation over many decades, having a significant scientific and cultural impact nationwide, and being an instigator of social change. Berkeley, by all measures, is the best all-around public university in the country over the long-term. Cal may not be #1 this year, but ten years from now, UVa will just be a one-hit-wonder in some “Best of 2003” show on MTV.

The accomplishments of Berkeley faculty and alumni far, far exceeds that of a hot, humid mid-Atlantic school where their best days are Berkeley’s worst.

A couple of thoughts for Ms. Kristin Brown to ponder:

  1. Berkeley has more Nobel Prizes
  2. Your Charlottesville is no match to our San Francisco 🙂
  3. The third fastest supercomputer on the planet is in Virginia, but it isn’t at your University.
  4. Your University appears to take this way too seriously. Let me make a California suggestion — chill out, put the pen down, and enjoy yourself. Life’s too short.

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