OS 9 Habits Die Hard

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One regular routine done by Classic MacOS users was defragmenting and/or optimizing the hard drive. The reasoning was that files occupying contiguous sectors on the disk would be faster. The problem with this reasoning under OS X is that the entire operating system is essentially file based — everything is a file, whether it is an actual hardware device, a network service, and yes, even a plain Jane text file. This MacDevCenter Guide from O’Reilly describes the things one should and should not do in order to keep their operating system in tip-top shape. Compared to Windows, it’s really not that much work, and much can even be accomplished by writing (or having someone else write) some scripts.

Political Correctness Sucks

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Political correctness has reached a whole new level with this one. I guess LA County won’t be buying IDE/ATA hard drives anymore, as most of them have the label on the connectors. As a matter of fact, they can’t buy low-cost computers, since the documentation will also have those two “offensive” words.As a taxpayer and voter, since when the hell does one idiotic and oversensitive county employee gets the power to cause this kind of directive to spew from the bowels of our government? At the very least, if such an edict were to be published, it should be justified, explained, and go through the proper process of debate and discussion.I hope some of these SOBs lose their jobs, because I’d rather have them collecting welfare than screwing up their jobs and affecting everyone else.

Glen Campbell DUI

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Yahoo! News – Country Singer Glen Campbell Arrested

Late in his career, Glen gives a whole new meaning to his song “By The Time I Get To Phoenix”. At this time in Phoenix, he’s in jail.To add insult to injury, he decides to hit-and-run in his BMW, giving his fellow drivers a bad rep.To win the trifecta, he also decides to assault the arresting officer.Congratulations Glen, you’ve made the “Celebrity Arrest of the Day”!

Way to go Microsoft

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In another victory in the accelerating move towards Open Source software, an Israeli government agency has begun to replace MS Office with OpenOffice, although the computers will continue to run Windows. It’s a good move designed to save money and avoid MS’ egregious licensing policies. Of course, MS couldn’t leave well enough alone and proceeded to accuse the agency of stereotypical behavior attributed to Jews.

Way to go Microsoft. Keep it up and they might even decide to throw out Windows and replace your sorry-excuse-for-an-operating-system with a real OS like Linux or MacOS X.

Walmart s*cks

November 20, 2003 at 11:28 pm | Posted in Politics | 34 Comments

If this story doesn’t scare the living crap out of the average American worker, nothing will. The unfortunate fact is that with globalization and “free” trade, companies like Wal-Mart and many others will not hesitate for one second to ship American jobs overseas. In some respects, this company is scarier than my usual whipping boy.

Still, it’s ironic (at least for those of us who can remember decade-old issues) that it is Republicans that are trying to protect US jobs; unfortunately, they are beholden to a constituency that is dedicated to destroying/outsourcing/exporting these same jobs. I’m sure Democrats would do the same thing if they were in power, but it just seems to me that they would appear to be less hypocritical than the current Administration.

Last Laugh is on Comdex

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I have a running bet with a Wintel friend which show would be the first to die – Macworld Expo or Comdex. At the time I made the bet, Comdex was a huge show, attacting over 200,000 spread out across eight or more hotels on the Las Vegas Strip.

My how times have changed. After the dot-com bust, recession, and the Internet, it seems that the “new Comdex” is simply doublespeak for a dying show. This January’s Macworld Expo may actually attract more people than this week’s Comdex.

I think I’m going to win that 120Mb hard drive wager.

California Job Fair

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Even if the job market in California isn’t all that hot, and actual layoffs are taking place this week and next (most companies have the decency to not layoff employees between Thanksgiving and Christmas), there is at least one place that is on a hiring binge. A look at the possible openings on this job application shows the scale and complexity of government. I doubt government will be any smaller under our new governor than it was under the old.

Surreal Snow

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Looks like the first snow has fallen in the Pacific Northwest. A friend took this picture and it looks surreal to this Southern California resident. It almost appears that the snowflakes are casting shadows on the ground.

Route 66

November 17, 2003 at 8:18 pm | Posted in Macintosh | 1 Comment

Many years ago, I purchased Route 66 for my Mac – it was a good package that was very fast compared to the competition (DeLorme Street Mapper). Unfortunately, the product was not updated and was put on hold during the late 1990s. Now it was returned to MacOS X. However, there seems to be a little problem on their website – this screenshot shows a route from Folsom to Valencia Streets in San Francisco. It shows the route going the wrong way on 14th Street. I’ve been to The City enough times to know this may be a possible route by car, but it’s either going to get you an accident or a traffic ticket.

Powers of 10

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In elementary school, I remember seeing a science film called “Powers of 10” that showed the scale changing by orders of magnitude. I remember it starting from a human and then going to the Universe, and then stating again at the human and going to subatomic scales. It shows that the depth of human experience is only a narrow part of what is out there. The Florida State University has created a Java-based tutorial for those that did not see it in school.

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