Nothing a cinderblock couldn’t do…

October 16, 2003 at 8:31 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

Check out the marketing-speak on this page. The author makes a connection between the much-loved (but under-selling) G4 cube and the current G5 towers.

I’d get one myself, but I have already raised my Cube and installed a cooling fan.

In other news, Apple announced the availability of iTunes and the iTunes Music Store (iTMS) for Windows users. Under that basic announcement, Apple has also announced a few interesting things that will make it the premier online music retailer regardless of platform:

  1. Featured on AOL Music
  2. Pepsi to spend millions of it’s own marketing budget promoting iTMS; 100 million songs given away
  3. Independent labels on iTMS, furthering undermining the RIAA monopoly
  4. iPod becoming more than a music player – it can now play audiobooks, record audio and store photos.

Unlike it’s competitors, Apple makes little if any money on the iTMS, using it to leverage sales of their hardware products. This fact alone will allow it to outlast those companies whose only business is music downloads. About the only other competition I can see is from Microsoft, and you know the copycats always end up copying Apple.

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