iTerm 0.7.7

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Almost everyone I’ve shown the concept of tabbed browsing has liked the idea – instead of having mulitple windows all over the place, a single window can hold mulitple pages, each one accessible via tabs on the edges. Some people say that this is similar to Microsoft’s MDI interface, where the child windows are prisoners of the parent/application window. Not exactly – the children of tabbed windows do not have the ability to resize themselves, which greatly reduces clutter and improves organization when lots of applications are open.

Tabbed windows first appeared in web browsers (Mozilla and variants, lately in Apple’s Safari), text editors NoteTab Light and ConTEXT (both under Windows), and some Unix window managers. Now they are in available in a geek’s favorite application – the terminal/xterm window. This is a screnshot of iTerm running under OS X:

My Favorite TV show

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CNN and Fox’s “24” are the only two reasons to have television, and the latter is going into its third season this October 28th:

24 Season 3 Preview (LowRes)

24 Season 3 Preview (HiRes)

The plot line this year seems to involve drug dealers, biological weapons, and one tired and pissed off CTU agent.

On first glance, the plot doesn’t seem as intense or as compelling as Seasons 1 and 2, but I’ll give it a chance. Any movie with Joaquim de Almeida as a bad guy can’t be bad. Not to mention a third season will give Elisha Cuthbert another chance to show that she can act in addition to being hot.

Obligatory Macintosh angle – in the previews above, a PowerMac G5 can be seen in Jack Bauer’s office.

Marvelous Marvin

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Moore’s MailBag – Monday, September 8, 2003

Looks like the SoBig virus, like SARS, is making a comeback.

I only know Marvin online from his time as the operator of the VillageMac BBS, but this is a heck of a quote that can only come from the guy:

It appears that using Windows is like sharing chips and guacamole with a
double-dipping SARS infected hooker in a public bath house in the red light
district. And like those who seem to think condoms constitute "safe sex," the only
protection Microsoft and the so-called security experts have for you is "make
sure you're patched!"

I’m not sure I’d ever use “patched” protection 🙂

Diversity is good

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A colleague went to the California State Bar convention in San Diego over the weekend and was disappointed in one of the sessions that discussed IT in the law office. The only OS they talked about was Windows XP.

It seems that Michigan attorneys think different. Good for them — I think legal IT is a good testing ground for the idea that only data needs to be interoperable, not applications and certainly not insecure, virus-ridden operating systems like Windows.

Cringley is God

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Two years ago this weekend, Robert X. Cringley predicted how the Hewlett-Packard + Compaq merger would turn out. Turns out he might have been right.

I’ve always liked HP products, and have been an advocate within my company for them when IBM tried to muscle in on our Unix infrastructure. Even though HP-UX PH-UXs, AIX is even worse; about the only saving grace for IBM is that they are embracing Linux and Open Source. Their service and support people are still mostly incompetent and/or arrogant though.

Lately, however, with HPQ’s committment to PA-RISC in question, and IBM doing a good job with their POWER/PowerPC based products. I am thinking of switching my preferences. With the old HP, I knew I was picking the best; now it’s simply picking the lesser of two evils.

No sympathy

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RIAA decries drop in CD sales

A couple of weeks after starting their legal action against file traders, file sharing dropping noticeably.

What this article says is that CD sales dropped a similar amount and shows no sign of leveling off.

Somehow, I have a very hard time finding any sympathy for these convicted price-fixers, price-gougers, lawsuit-happy, imperious, arrogant sons of bitches. The RIAA first sued P2P companies, then they went after the users’ ISPs (with the exception of AOL – I wonder why?), and now are busy clogging our legal system with friviolous and questionable lawsuits.

They have declared war on their own customers. As the ones with the money, I believe that absolutely no quarter be given to the RIAA cartel – I am no longer buying CDs until they take a more reasonable stance towards legal distribution of online music. The old ways will no longer work.

Burn, baby, burn.

G5 Fan Comments

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Check out the G5 fan – I see two features that distinguish it from cheap PC fans:

  1. There are only three blades vs. 6-8 for PC fans
  2. The shape of the blades is very interesting – the leading edge is quite pronounced. I can see this design as being more efficient than PC fans and might also be quieter.

I suspect that if someone were able to shoehorn in PC style fans here, they would probably have to run at higher speeds to maintain temperature. This next picture shows that the fan uses a standard 4-pin connector, but check out the height of the heat sink – it’s over three times taller than the heatsink on most PCs.

Since my PC also runs at 1.6GHz, this shows that one can tradeoff heat sink size with airflow. Increasing the heatsink costs more than simply increasing the fan RPM. Apple was stung with the WindTunnel G4s and made the correct tradeoff here (which of course, you will gladly pay for).

You know you’re good when someone parodies your website. Presenting the Power Mack A5:

Intel and Ron get spanked again

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I only have a lowly AthlonXP 2000+, but it delights me that the perennial underdog keeps Intel paranoid: AMD’s Athlon FX spanks P4 3.2 GHz in almost every way

A message for Ron: Time to open sp-01181-layers.psd: 24 seconds.

OSX Virtual Desktops

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One thing that MacOS X lacks is a virtual desktop/pager capability. Fortunately, it is what Apple calls a “third party opportunity”. I have been using CodeTek’s Virtual Desktop. It works great and is patterned after other Unix pagers.

There’s a new kid on the block – Workspaces. This one would appear to be geared towards Mac users who have seen the ExposÈ window management features in Panther (10.3). I tried it for a while, but it doesn’t seem to pick up all the applciations I’m using. It’s a promising $15 shareware application.

Getting to space

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Having worked on the Space Station for many years, I was saddened to see the loss of Columbia and the loss of American manned capability. A colleague and this article speculates that suborbital RLV (reusable launch vehicles) may be a necessary step on the way to realizing the goal of a profitable and reliable way to get to orbit.

The issues surrounding future spaceship designs reminds me of quote I heard a while back:

   Making spaceships look like airplanes makes   about as much sense as making airplanes look   like locomotives
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