No music for you!

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It appears that Steve Jobs’ Paris Apple Expo keynote was shortened by the Beatles’ lawsuit. This is bad news as it gives competitors up to 10 months to develop competition for the European version of the iTunes Music Store.


Tila Nguyen

September 16, 2003 at 9:29 pm | Posted in Humor (G- and R- rated) | Leave a comment

Another day, another hottie. Let’s put it this way:

Just trying my new animated gif 🙂

More Intel FUD

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Intel CTO: Desktop Isn’t Ready for 64 Bits

Of course that is what Intel would say, considering that their 64-bit Itanium2 chip isn’t exactly in high demand. This is because 1) it cannot run 32-bit programs without a speed penalty and 2) it’s freakin’ expensive.

By the time Intel feels 64-bit is ready, we’ll all be using second-generation chips from AMD (Athlon 64 and Opteron) and IBM (PowerPC 970 aka Apple G5).

If I can run 32-bit on a 64-bit chip without penalty, and the chip is cheaper (as is the case for the G5) or slightly more expensive (AMD), and they are available now — why the hell not?. It’s not like they want us to spend less on our computers.

New Memory

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The next line of Macs better have transparent cases, ’cause I want a couple of these in my next computer. Pretty soon, heatsinks and LEDs will outweigh everything else on the computer.

Can’t Beat Free

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Shirky: Fame vs Fortune: Micropayments and Free Content

Many think that free content is economically not sustainable. This article explains why free content is the only sustainable model for textual information online.

I believe that it will be a matter of time before what is happening in the content world will happen in the music business. In fact, the music buiness more differentiated than textual content and has a barrier to entry (musical talent) — any idiot can publish a weblog (heck, look at me :-), but not everyone can make music, and even less can make music of a specific genre. Therefore, artists should be able to make money — I’m talking about real artists rather than the corporate crap sung by Britney Spears or NSync.

Artists will realize that they are better off bypassing the rapacious RIAA middleman and going directly to their audience. The results will be interesting, as the distribution advantages of the RIAA no longer apply online. Like all paradigm shifts, it will be a painful but necessary process.

"There has grown up in the minds of certain groups in this
country the notion that because a man or a corporation has
made a profit out of the public for a number of years, the
government and the courts are charged with the duty of
guaranteeing such profit in the future, even in the face
of changing circumstances and contrary public interest.
This strange doctrine is not supported by statute nor
common law. Neither individuals nor corporations have any
right to come into court and ask that the clock of history
be stopped, or turned back, for their private benefit."
               -- Robert A. Heinlein

Johnny Cash RIP

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When someone asked me if I like country music, I say — “I don’t listen to country music, I listen to Johnny Cash”. Drive on Johnny, drive on. We’ll see you down the line.

I’ll find a place to rest my spirit if I can
Perhaps I may become a highwayman again
Or I may simply be a single drop of rain
But I will remain
And I’ll be back again, and again and again and again and again..

A Promising HTML Editor

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One of my favorite HTML editors under the Classic MacOS is the orphaned Symantec Visual Page.

I have been looking for a similar program under OSX. I’ve tried PageSpinner, BBEdit and found that I need some WYSIWYG rendering mode while composing the page. I find “preview in browser” too distracting, even though I’d rather code my HTML instead of laying it out graphically. I can’t really justify GoLive or DreamWeaver, so I’m left iwith looking for low-cost or shareware solutions.

Recently, I found that Tumult HyperEdit is a good implementation of a low-end split-view WYSIWYG HTML editor. I believe that it uses Apple’s WebKit and therefore can render most kinds of HTML out there. It’s still a beta version, but I hope it matures quickly.

We Can Work It Out

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That might be the song going through Steve Jobs’ mind right now, or maybe “Let It Be” or “Can’t Buy Me Love”.

You knew this had to happen sooner or later. After two years of producing the iPod MP3 player and days after announcing over 10 million songs sold, the Beatles’ Apple Corps has sued Apple Computer.

One should not blame John (RIP), Paul, George (RIP), or Ringo, but rather, the corruption and distortion of the entire concept of copyright. It’s not the Fab 4 behind this (at least I hope not), but Apple Corps’ lawyers and bean counters trying to maximize income. Though it would be nice if this were to get more public attention, it’s not likely to happen as Apple Computer has pretty deep pockets and has already paid over $50 million dollars in previous Beatles-releated lawsuits.

Of course, Apple Computer signing that “we will never enter the music business” agreement wasn’t a good idea either.

DHS in denial

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On the two-year anniversary of 9/11, it’s really sad to see a “democratic” government behave this way – paranoid, unable to accept criticism, lashing out at their friends and impartial observers:

Reporters in Uranium Story May See Charges (

DHS should take this as a wake-up call, in addition to all the other news reports that seem to indicate we are not where we should be two years after 3,000 Americans died.

Heed the message, don’t kill the messengers.

Going to 64-bit

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Thoughts on Mac OS X 10.3: Counting the Bits of a Panther –

This makes me want to paraphrase a quote from the Kill Bill trailer:

You didn’t think 64-bit was going to be that easy, did you?

The above article was posted last July but was only recently verified. Come to think of it, Macs never had this kind of transition before – the 68000 CPU was 32-bit internally, and few software had to know about the 16-bit datapath to/from the CPU. It took Microsoft years to migrate from 16 to 32 bit computing; Apple will do better, but it will still take years, not months as the more optimistic Mac fans would like to think.

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