Wedding Thoughts

September 28, 2003 at 11:43 am | Posted in Rants | 1 Comment

Yesterday, my sister finally got married to her long-time fiance. It was a very moving ceremony, and it also showed me that a woman’s happiest day of her life is the day she gets married. I have never seen my sister so happy and I wish her and her new husband the best. On a side note, I did win a few bets – namely that my father did not cry, and that his speech caused a few women at the reception to shed a few tears.

I’m writing this at a WayPoint WiFi access point at the Seattle-Tacoma airport waiting for my flight back to Ontario.

Unlike the competing T-Mobile access points found at airports and many Starbucks coffee shops, WayPoint only charges $6.95 per day. Not a bad deal when increased airport security and boredom often means 2+ hour waits at the airport.

Wedding pictures will be coming, once I get rid of this nonfunctional Zio! reader and get something else to import the pictures into my Mac.

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  1. Wedding pictures are avaialable at , but you’ll need a password. Email me if you want or deserve it.

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