iTerm 0.7.7

September 9, 2003 at 8:53 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

Almost everyone I’ve shown the concept of tabbed browsing has liked the idea – instead of having mulitple windows all over the place, a single window can hold mulitple pages, each one accessible via tabs on the edges. Some people say that this is similar to Microsoft’s MDI interface, where the child windows are prisoners of the parent/application window. Not exactly – the children of tabbed windows do not have the ability to resize themselves, which greatly reduces clutter and improves organization when lots of applications are open.

Tabbed windows first appeared in web browsers (Mozilla and variants, lately in Apple’s Safari), text editors NoteTab Light and ConTEXT (both under Windows), and some Unix window managers. Now they are in available in a geek’s favorite application – the terminal/xterm window. This is a screnshot of iTerm running under OS X:

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