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September 3, 2003 at 9:32 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

Check out the G5 fan – I see two features that distinguish it from cheap PC fans:

  1. There are only three blades vs. 6-8 for PC fans
  2. The shape of the blades is very interesting – the leading edge is quite pronounced. I can see this design as being more efficient than PC fans and might also be quieter.

I suspect that if someone were able to shoehorn in PC style fans here, they would probably have to run at higher speeds to maintain temperature. This next picture shows that the fan uses a standard 4-pin connector, but check out the height of the heat sink – it’s over three times taller than the heatsink on most PCs.

Since my PC also runs at 1.6GHz, this shows that one can tradeoff heat sink size with airflow. Increasing the heatsink costs more than simply increasing the fan RPM. Apple was stung with the WindTunnel G4s and made the correct tradeoff here (which of course, you will gladly pay for).

You know you’re good when someone parodies your website. Presenting the Power Mack A5:

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