Just Win, Baby!

September 29, 2003 at 10:26 pm | Posted in Humor (G- and R- rated) | Leave a comment

Looks like the Buffalo Sabres made the ultimate deal to win the Stanley cup the next two years.

Wedding Thoughts

September 28, 2003 at 11:43 am | Posted in Rants | 1 Comment

Yesterday, my sister finally got married to her long-time fiance. It was a very moving ceremony, and it also showed me that a woman’s happiest day of her life is the day she gets married. I have never seen my sister so happy and I wish her and her new husband the best. On a side note, I did win a few bets – namely that my father did not cry, and that his speech caused a few women at the reception to shed a few tears.

I’m writing this at a WayPoint WiFi access point at the Seattle-Tacoma airport waiting for my flight back to Ontario.

Unlike the competing T-Mobile access points found at airports and many Starbucks coffee shops, WayPoint only charges $6.95 per day. Not a bad deal when increased airport security and boredom often means 2+ hour waits at the airport.

Wedding pictures will be coming, once I get rid of this nonfunctional Zio! reader and get something else to import the pictures into my Mac.

Culinary Ignorance

September 27, 2003 at 2:48 pm | Posted in Food and Drink | Leave a comment

Yesterday, I attended a pre-wedding dinner at a fancy Seattle French restaurant. One of the items on the menu was a brochette consisting of chicken, puff pastry, and sweetbread. Only after taking that first bite of sweetbread did I realize what it is. Now I realize that French cuisine can rival Chinese in terms of what parts of the animal it will use as food. They are actually worse since they have such nice euphemisms to describe these certain body parts. At least Chinese restaurants will tell me if that tube steak is made from pig intestines.

The Frogs eat escargot. Enough said.

More file sharing comments

September 26, 2003 at 12:44 am | Posted in Politics, Rants | Leave a comment

My biggest pet peeve is hypocrisy, and an excellent article by Orson Scott Card resonates with my current feelings towards the music industry cartel and their treatment of their customers.

I believe that copyright law is corrupt and does not serve the public interest – therefore, the only solution is to change the law. Activities such as file-sharing should be considered forms of civil disobedience; the offenders are violating unjust laws and must be prepared to pay the price.

The only question is whether there are enough members in our society to pay such a price. Many did during the fight for civil rights; one can hope that enough outrage and publicity will cause the general population to turn against corporate pirates such as the RIAA the same way they did against racists and segregationists.

Motorola’s Decline

September 25, 2003 at 10:28 am | Posted in Technology | Leave a comment

With the recent resignation of Motorola CEO Chris Galvin, this article speculates on the possible sale of Motorola’s semiconductor division. After a 25+ year relationship, Apple and Motorola recently parted ways, with cutting-edge PowerPC CPUs now being provided by IBM for the foreseeable future.

It has been quite a decline for Motorola – back then, their 6502 and 68K processors were more than a match for Intel, and their participation in the PowerPC alliance yielded excellent G1 (601) and G2 (603/604) processors. However, they stumbled with the G4 (75XX) during the last couple of years.

Even their much-hyped Six Sigma business philosophy did not help them as they had to overcome the handicaps of low market share, ineffective R&D, and distraction from having multiple product lines without unified development and marketing strategies.

Six Sigma. Synergy. Digital DNA. Irrelevancy. Game Over for Motorola (as far as microprocessors are concerned).

Affordable NAS

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At work, we have implemented NAS systems at enterprise-level prices (> $20-30K for 150-200 users). Now, the same capability is available for small business and home users. The product is the TRITTON ASAP Server Applicance. For $400, it has everything one needs for a good home server – firewall router, DHCP, VPN, NAS (including backup), diagnostics and monitoring. It’s essentially a compact Linux box. About the only thing missing is a wireless access point, which can be remedied by providing either a PCI or PCMCIA slot for a wireless card.

Seattle – Day 1

September 24, 2003 at 4:19 pm | Posted in Humor (G- and R- rated), Politics, Rants | Leave a comment

Drove back from Vancouver to Seattle yesterday. Had a bit of post-9/11 trouble at the Blaine border crossing — the three cars ahead of me were waved through after some ID flashing and questions. My car was searched a bit more thoroughly. I can see two reasons why it happened:

  1. I showed my passport instead of a drivers license
  2. I am not a native-born citizen

I’ll let the reader make his conclusions. Maybe we should not use passports when crossing the US-Canada border, since only terrorists would use such documents.

To add insult to injury, the Blaine Bank of America ripped me off exchanging my Canadian dollars back to US dollars. Their exchange rate of CAN$1.40 was higher than the CAN$1.35 they were offering further down in Bellingham. Bastards.

Later that day, I drove down to Redmond to visit a friend working at Microsoft. I was escorted to the company store and had an opportunity to buy Windows XP Professional for $30. I thought about getting a couple of copies, but then I decided to do the right thing. Instead, I bought some Microsoft-brand baseball caps, secure in the knowledge that they can’t possibly be infected by viruses and worms.


September 22, 2003 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Fun Outdoors | Leave a comment

I’m writing this from an Internet cafe somewhere in downtown Vancouver. No problems getting here, except for the fact that I seemed to have picked up some virus from LA and got a mild sore throat and fever. Nothing a bit of Indian food didn’t fix. I got their chicken vindaloo and asked them how spicy they can make it. When they said “mild, medium, or spicy”, I told them to go beyond spicy and blow my frickin’ head off. They did not disappoint – the spice cleared my sinus and the high fiber cleared everything else.

I’m not sure why I even keep my Zio! USB card reader. It truly is a piece of shit – my iBook won’t recognize the damn thing, so no pictures for now. I’ll see if I can do better next time.

Naked PowerBook/G4

September 20, 2003 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Macintosh | Leave a comment

When the Powerbook G4/15″ was announced, I predicted that within a week, some Japanese guy was going to take it apart within a week after it started shipping.

The interesting thing is that the new 15″ PowerBook uses an older version of the G4 chip, since it does not have a L3 cache.

Quickie post

September 18, 2003 at 11:04 pm | Posted in Humor (G- and R- rated), Macintosh | Leave a comment

Not much today, just two things:

  1. Winner of the Mr. Obvious award this week.
  2. A great symbolic math program for the Mac: Eigenmath, not to be confused with the Edenmath calculator. I’m still wondering how they packed the symbolic solver into 1.3 Megs.
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